Assalamualaikum ~ Welcome


Hey you! Yes you, you have made the right decision to put on the Hijab. 

Many of us started wearing Hijab without fully understanding the real meaning of it. I thought that Hijab is purely about modesty and just to protect women from the gaze of men. Unfortunately, that's very shallow way of understanding Hijab. If you ask me how do I get to understand the meaning of Hijab?  


Very simple, just fall in love. Fall in love with the creator. The Almighty Allah (Subhanah wa ta'ala). You will definitely fall in love with Hijab because you will understand that Hijab was not simply a piece of fabric covering your body, concealing your beauty and conserving modesty. But it’s beyond that. Read the Al Quran! Read what the holy book say about Hijab, you will be blown away.

By wearing the Hijab I am showcasing myself as a "MUSLIM”.

  • Someone who is trying to follow this religion
  • Someone who full heartedly accept the religion as truth.
  • Someone who see the beauty in it.
  • Someone who believe that there is no god beside ALLAH and Muhammad(SAW) is our messenger.

No one is perfect, It is ok to make mistake and learn from it. Remember that Hijab don't make you MORE perfect or righteous person.
Look at HIjab as constant reminder to keep striving for Jannah.

​ My Hijab, My choice, My right, My life.